Connect to nature! Drum meditation in the forest!


June 26


11:00 - 13:00

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Auberge-Restaurant Au Repos des Chasseurs

I invite you to connect to the energy of the summer with a beautiful walk in the forest and a drum meditation- a shamanic journey.🧘

Sometimes we do not realise how good it is for us to be in nature, surrounded by it. We spend a lot of time in the house or in the office and our energy drops and we feel unhappy. Just being in the forest helps us to uplift our mood and have more energy. 😊🌳🌳🌳

Come to feel the happiness in your body and to feel at home!🏡 🍀🌿🌾🍂
Wouldn’t that fell amazing?

From more ancient times, shamans knew how to connect to higher realms. During the meditation, with the help of the drum, I will guide you through the 4 shamanic worlds. This is a trip in the subconscious mind to clean and organise, to drop the weights and bring to our present world a better life for ourselves.
This meditation will bring more contentment to your life and you will feel more relaxed and connected to your truth.🧘🙏😇

26th June 11h – 13h00

Location: entrance in the forest close to Auberge-Restaurant Au Repos des Chasseurs
Contribution: 25 Euro

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