Retreat:Reconnect with your personal power! Expand your life force!


September 23 - 19:00


September 25 - 18:00

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A transformational retreat with Irina Titei and Oana Surdu
(a.k.a. Inner Flow)

Inner flow is the joining of Inner Transformation (Irina Titei) and Energy Flow (Oana Surdu). Both Irina and Oana propose events/sessions for personal development and spiritual evolution based on positive shifts in a person’s energy. Come meet us and invite change in your life!

Dear friends,

We invite you to an amazing retreat to connect to your personal power and expand your life force.

Do you notice when you feel disempowered in your life by your own or other people’s thoughts and feelings? Are there areas in your life where you would like to have more energy, be more creative or enjoy more of what you do or how you are?

💫Try opening up to the world of energy. Changing perspective on what fuels our thoughts and feelings which block us from getting or being where we want, can help us shift into balance and tap into more possibilities for our lives. We invite you to 2.5 days of intensive energy work for a complete shift in the relationship with yourself, to reconnect and fuel your personal power.

💫Power comes from letting shine through who you really are as an infinite being.

💫When and where? 23 -25 September 2022, in the Ardennes.

💫 Location TBC to participants upon registration.

We will work on removing energy blockages, changing limiting beliefs, clearing thoughts and emotions which no longer serve us, bringing in supportive energies and letting our inner selves shine through, for a more empowered life.

💫We will do:
🧘‍♂️Energy and belief-work through specific clearing sessions, the shamanic journey meditation and ancient language of the soul/ intuitive singing;
🧘‍♀️Dynamic dance meditation;
🧘Life-shifting role play and manifestation meditation;
🧘‍♀️Esoteric martial arts or qi-gong (with guest teacher Raluca)

We will also:
🤸‍♂️Take conscious walks in nature
🤸‍♀️Play spiritual games
🤸Do on the spot body processes and/or 🤸‍♂️Access Bars sessions
🤸‍♀️Share food and stories to foster trust

English or Romanian, depending on participation.

23 September – meeting at the location (the latest at 19h) and meditation to create the group and set our intention for the retreat.

24 September – start of the day with esoteric martial arts or qi-gong followed by an energy clearing session and the shamanic journey. The afternoon will include role playing and the dynamic dance meditation.

25 September – wake up with esoteric martial arts or qi-gong, a conscious walk in nature and, depending on the energy of the group, further energy clearings and a manifestation meditation.
We will play and connect to ourselves throughout the event.

All in 450 euros, of which:
Practices: 260 euros
Food (vegetarian) and board in the Ardennes: 190 euros (to be confirmed, depending on number of participants ahead of the retreat)

Transport is to be arranged by each participant. Car-sharing arrangements possible.

Contact, registrations or more information: or

For bookings, a prepayment of 30% is required by 30 July. Cancellations before the 1st September will be fully refunded.

💫Rules of the game:
No drugs
Alcohol only after 10pm, at the end of practices
Plenty of happiness and enjoyment of who we are and what we can create 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you!

With lots of joy and gratefulness,
Irina and Oana